Paris International Agricultural Show 2020

The International Agricultural Show in Paris 2020, closed this Sunday because of coronavirus

From Saturday February 22 to Saturday 29, 2020, the International Agricultural Show (IAS) is back in Paris Parc des Expositions. As each year, the IAS will be the place to be for all players of the agricultural world. Each year, at least 630,000 and 650,000 visitors, a thousand exhibitors and 32,000 professionals come to the show to discover and introduce to the agricultural world.

While there are fewer farmers and the forecast in the medium term are not good, the farming field shows a lot of dynamism like cutting-edge innovations, developments thanks to digitalization and the growing number of DPO and PGI, young generations that are better trained, fewer exportations and a successul organic sector.

In this context, it’s vital to create new relationships and show agriculture as it is to make people want to join it and to convey what makes the strength and the identity of the French farming world. The International Agricultural Show chose “Agriculture welcomes you with open arms” as this year’s theme.

Note that this year, Idéale, a 6-year-old Charolaise cow is the face of the Agriculture Show 2020. She lives on Jean-Marie Goujat‘s exploitation that includes 125 cows.

Come and discover the 4 sectors of the show:

  • Livestock breeding sectors
  • Crop and plant sectors, Gardening and Vegetable gardens
  • Products from regions across France and its overseas territories and from the rest of the world
  • Agricultural services and professions
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Why going to the International Agricultural Show?

    To see Idéale, it’s time to stop the suspens and run to the Pavillon 1 to meet her.

To savor, taste and eat.

To listen to the musical accents of our regions. It’s the occasion for those living in Paris or abroad to know more about French regions

Because honestly, baby goats are so cute. Well, all animals are cute but seeing them running around like this, we melt.

  • Because it will be during the school break and for the first weekend of the show, France will be in holidays! No excuse not to take the kids.
  • Think about booking your tickets in advance and have a look at the animations program. If you can, use the transportation. A piece of advice: if you come with your car, don’t hesitate to park a bit away and end your way by foot or using transporation means. Here is a map of the parking lots in the surroundings. Since transportations arrive right in front of the show, it’s easier for you.

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